About Us

The Human Team member : Carlene ‘Carl’ Bronner

After school,  I started out working towards a Fine Arts degree majoring in printmaking and ceramics, and I ended my varsity time with an HDE. (1983 to 1987).  I loved all things horses as a kid, but a  lack of  opportunities led to that passion being buried under years of art, family and more art, until one day in 1996,  I woke up in my bed on my own new farm, and  realised I could buy my first horse! And, yay, I could even keep it in my backyard, just like I daydreamed about so long ago. Two years later, after many falls, runaways, bites, kicks and tears, I no longer rode as my horse just seemed to hate having anything to do with me and my saddle! Fortunately, instead of listening to the horsey folks around me who said buy a bigger bit, use a whip and teach it some manners, or smother your horse in more leather restraints, I listened to someone who said, change yourself. And so, a year later, with no falls, runaways, bites, kicks but plenty of tears, my new horses (the start of my Friesian herd) Rosa, Cole and Willow taught me that in order to have the perfect horse for me, I had to start to change some of the not so perfect aspects of me first.

Since 1999, I have been on the most incredible journey and have been privileged to see some of the world’s best horse trainers up close and personal. My very first NH course I  attended was one with Kaye Thomas, Parelli instructor(Durban, 2002). I then got to be one of the support workers at a Pat Parelli seminar in Calgary in 2003, and then attended another of Pat’s seminars in Paris in 2005 (my friends asks me how on earth I always managed to find a way to get a horse activity into the itinery of  my husband’s business trip that I tagged along on!!!).  In 2004 and 2005, Cynthia Cooper ,Australia, took me a bit further on my journey, and I also grew beyond the Parelli program, looking for more lightness and finesse. So when Steve Halfpenny from Silversands, Australia, needed a host for his KZN clinic in 2006, I jumped at the opportunity to have such a great horseman in my backyard, and have continued to have lessons regularly with Tamasine Smith from NHZA since then. In the eyes of many outsiders I might seem like a very knowledgeable font of horse related stuff, but I keep in mind what some wise horseman once said:” It’s what you learn AFTER you think you know it all,  that counts”. And when I do start to think too highly of myself, Willow , a 700kg friesian gelding(my biggest challenge and my horsey soul-mate) reminds me that I didn’t read chapter five too well, and oh, did I know that he had yet to let me know about chapter 21 of “Willow’s Book on Horsemanship from a Horse’s Point of View”?!

So on my CV it might be written that I am:

The owner of Kilgobbin Stud which has  Friesians, friesian X TB, Warlanders, Andalusian and Lusitano x TBs and 4 donkeys. And one mule!

The main facilitator in HorsePlay, an Equine Assisted Learning program established in May 2005.

 In partnership for the Savvy Leadership corporate courses run by Keith Coats from Tomorrowtoday.biz.

A member of the Midlands Meander Association since 1997

A member of EAPISA since 2009
I have my Parelli L1 and L2, Silversands Basic Skills 1, 2, 3, and am working on my Intermediate Level.

I am a NHZA approved stud and teaching facility/course organiser.

But the best achievement that I have on my CV is that my herd thinks that I am a great leader, with greater things to come (that’s Willow’s chapter 30, no doubt!)

The Horses

The HorsePlay team is mostly made up of one breed, the magnificent Friesian, which is firstly known for its incredible temperament and secondly for its beauty. Mark Rashid once wrote “Whole heart, whole horse”, and while I know he was writing about humans needing to give their whole heart in order to change their whole horse, when I see these wonderful horses working with the HorsePlay participants, I see horses giving their whole hearts to their partners for that day. Whole- hearted horses.
The team consists of 5 friesian geldings: Willow (12), Cole (13), Addie (10), Troy (9), Zander (12)
And 7 friesian mares: Tamara (11), Wusi (12), Tabitha (11), Damask (8), Lia (7), Crystal (14), and Holly (14)
And last, but by no means least, Miss Moneypenny, a little grey welsh pony, who is probably the best trained of them all, having come from NHZA’s Tamasine Smith!