Inner Game

The Inner Game course is ideal for anyone interested in horsemanship or getting started with it and for those who want to work on their confidence and self-esteem. It's the perfect way to learn about horsemanship training and to handle horses trained in this way. It is ideal for those who are nervous, have lost their nerve, have not yet acquired a horse or are getting back into horses after a break.

For those who wish to work toward training people in horsemanship, this is an essential course because it helps potential trainers understand the concept that working with horses is far more about "who we need to be" than a method of training. In this sense it is also ideal for anyone who is currently working on their horsemanship journey and wishes to have more insight into the way we learn and how we handle change.

The great thing about this course is that you don't even have to bring a horse! This is, in fact, a non-riding camp, although you will get the chance to work with the Horseplay horses which is an awesome experience. This clinic is designed specifically for you to find out more about the "Inner You".

Many of you who are familiar with HZA horsemanship training will know that this stuff is all about "who we need to become" for our horses... Carl and Tamasine are now combining their skills to bring you a unique horsemanship clinic. So often students learn about themselves the hard way - when they are on the end of the rope and their horse is throwing some challenge at them. It's not always easy to deal with your emotions there because you have to think really fast - so this is a way of presenting some of those things to students in a completely different way. This is a chance to open up to discussion, some of the issues that come up when studying horsemanship and offers participants the chance to share ideas, thoughts and experiences. The course creates the opportunity for questions to be covered in more depth than time often allows in a training session.

The Inner Game:

Course Venue:
Old Kilgobbin Stud - Dargle, Natal. Two hours out of Durban.
Host: Carl Bronner - Horseplay
Carl Bronner and Tamasine Smith (Horseplay/Lead Changes co-facilitated event)
Contact: Carl on

About the Course and Course Structure:

A unique course jointly run between Horseplay and Lead Changes, this is going to be a non-riding course aimed at helping students to see "who they are" and find out more about "who they need to become" both for themselves and their horses. There are 18 places available and no spectators. The minimum required to run the course is 10.

The course is run in a way that is designed to be non-confrontational and fun - like a pony club camp for adults. It will use play, games and interactive tasks to help you answer questions about how you deal with situations and help you start to understand how you go about problem solving. It will incorporate discussions and talks on how we work and think around our horses what this reflects about who we are and who we need to be in order to get effective and establish leadership. The entire course is run in a "non-classroom" and supportive environment where you will be free to express your thoughts and emotions.

Some of the topics to be discussed or exercises that will be set for you will cover:

  • Awareness, observation, timing and feel - don't try so hard - intellect is not what you need to be good with horses!
  • Trust
  • Development and reprogramming of neural pathways
  • Inner Game awareness
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Meeting your Raging Dog head on - facing change.
  • Inspirational DVD's
  • Stepping up and taking responsibility
  • Dance lessons (where there is time) - focused concentration and trying something new
  • Perspective - the two sides of the same coin
  • Necessity is the mother of invention - when faced with a problem on our own we tend to become resourceful, inventive, decisive and "step up"
  • Observation exercise of a horse being worked - what do you see?