Nutrition and Hoofcare Clinics

Nutrition and Hoofcare courses in the past

Natural Horse Care Clinic January 2011

Nick Hill and Dr Albert Villasevil from the A.A.N.H.C.P. were the clinicians for this course on Hoof and general horse care.

Nick is a Certified Practitioner, Field Instructor, Natural Trim Clinician and Step 5 Clinician with the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices (AANHCP) and is also the OCC Coordinator, International Practitioner Affairs for the AANHCP and a Paddock Paradise consultant.

Dr. Albert Villasevil is a qualified veterinarian ( Spain ) and Certified practitioner. (A.A.N.H.C.P.) His focus is on holistic, preventative treatment, keeping the horse in a healthy and natural state. He has an extensive knowledge and has a practice in natural hoof care (Podologia-Equina).

It was an informative and hands on 3 day clinic with two experts in the field where the participants learnt about Laminitis, navicular diseas, nutrition, the natural hoof structures and mechanism, the effects of the hooves on the rest of the body and how your horses' environment and diet can affect his general hoof condition, health and muscular development, how with simple changes to the horse's trim, diet and everyday environment could have a huge effect on hoof health and soundness and overall wellbeing and performance. The main concept introduced was that of Paddock Paradise, a concept for keeping domesticated horses in an environment that sets out to mimic, as closely as possible, their life in the wild. The primary intention of the Paddock Paradise set-up is to encourage behavioural movement and socialisation and more natural feeding patterns. This in turn lends itself to helping maintain not only the horses hooves but their mental and physical overall wellbeing.

Speedi beet nutrition talk May 2011

Carl Bronner has been the agent for Speedi Beet ( a product of British Horse Feeds) for the past 3 years and on the 8 May 2011 Old Kilgobbin Farm hosted an nutrition open day with Simon Parker, Business Development Manager for British Horse Feeds, and Dr Tom Shurlock, Advisor to BHF.

We had interesting nutritional related talks by Tom and Simon and then at lunchtime, we had Speedi beet clients showing off their glorious horses. Thank you to Sally and Brett Miller and their 2 imported Apaloosa fillies, Ruth Leisegang with her imported Apaloosa stallion and her glorious Arabian stallion with his silver tail, Kathy Herrington with her Andalusian, Ivo and Lusitano, Loro for their musical kurr (well done for riding in the rain!), and Kate Baynes and Robyn from Millford with Reinhoud, the SA Champion Friesian stallion.

Nutrition Day Feedback